Connect with Porasah

Compliance Consultant


Porasah works closely with both branch and corporate management to design, implement, and sustain a strong internal control of our operating processes.  In the past, Porasah has also worked with C2G in market research, social media support, operations, and played a key role in the launch of the C2G 2009 book, Black and White Strike Gold.

Before joining C2G, Porasah worked as a Team Leader at American Express in the Consumer Travel Network Division, managing New York City area offices with AMEX’s broad range of integrated travel services.  At American Express, Porasah trained, coached, and managed staff throughout her career and participated in the new hire and recruiting process as well.  Also at CTN, Porasah managed the New York offices’ marketing efforts, designing and launching strategic campaigns.  As a result, Porasah has extensive experience in customer loyalty marketing.  Her leadership qualities, rigorous attention to detail, and strong background in compliance are critical to C2G’s internal operation.
Porasah is an avid reader and life-long musician, is a lover of the performing and visual arts, and is happy to call New York home.